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We build villas for rent and offer you passive income from 15 to 18% per annum, based on real data on tourist load

One of the most liquid investments in Indonesia is the construction of tourism infrastructure in Bali. Tourists prefer to stay not in hotels, but in private villas, townhouses and apartments.

Luxury villa in Bali, вилла на Бали


1) Having bought a villa of 300 sq.m. for $ 320 thousand at the construction stage, you will receive a net profit from the sale of the completed object of at least 26,6%.

That is $85 thousand net profit.

2) When renting a villa for an average of $265 per day, you will receive $4,100 per month, or $49,600 per year.

This is 15,5% per annum, which will return the investment in 6,5 years.

ROI 15% - 18%

$4 100 per month 

$49 600 per year 



The villas are designed for both rental and long-term family living.



ADEM villas in Ubud overlooking the sunset and rice fields.

ADEM means «Сhill», «Serene», «Tranquil», «Cool environment» in Bahasa Indonesia. Getting yourself in a tranquil environment and letting your mind and body calm down.


The villas are designed in a modern style, with unique interior space, a large swimming pool and a beautiful view of the sunset rice fields.

The outside of the villa is the same as the inside, giving a total of almost 300 m2 of living space, and the architecture is designed so that there are no boundaries between inside and outside. The entire plot of 5 acres is used effettively. As a result, for the price of a villa of 150 m2, you have a villa twice as large – 300 m2.

Схема маршрутов_sqare.jpg
General view to pool


Master Bedroom


Dining room


Master Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Terrace and Lounge


Green roof


Villa A

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Plot 530 m2

Living area  150 m2

Terrace 84 m2

Pool 70 m2

Garden 120 m2

Green roof 240 m2

Cost:  $320,000

Villa B

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Plot 465 m2

Living area  150 m2

Terrace 95 m2

Pool 70 m2

Garden 100 m2

Green roof 260 m2

Cost:  $320,000

Villa C

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Plot 360 m2

Living area  150 m2

Terrace 95 m2

Pool 55 m2

Garden 45 m2

Green roof 230 m2

Cost:  $250,000

Villa D

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Plot 400 m2

Living area  150 m2

Terrace 70 m2

Pool 55 m2

Garden 45 m2

Green roof 230 m2

Cost:  $250,000

Sold out

Villa E

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Plot 370 m2

Living area  150 m2

Terrace 70 m2

Pool 55 m2

Garden 45 m2

Green roof 230 m2

Cost:  $250,000

Sold out



For the construction of villas, we chose a site in Ubud, 3 km from the center, in the jungle, overlooking the rice fields. Ubud differs from other areas of Bali in that it has a rich cultural and spiritual life, a unique Balinese flavor that is not found anywhere else on the island, the most beautiful architecture of temples, unusual locations with gorgeous views of mountain river gorges and rice terraces, as well as softer and less hot jungle climate.

Карта с маршрутами_2 copy.png
Схема маршрутов__.jpg

Several canals flow through the rice fields, along which you can walk or cycle.

They are accessed in the form of a bridge and a walkway leading from the villas to the embankment. 

Прогулки по рисовым полям вдоль каналов

canal embankment for walking


The location of the site is very good: it is located on the transit route from south to north, so you can get without traffic jams in any direction, bypassing the center of Ubud.

Ubud also has the best climatic conditions: at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, it is not as hot as on the coast, and not as rainy as in the mountains.

From here you can quickly reach the sea - just 35 minutes to the black sand beach, and 50 minutes to the beautiful white sand beach with white sand.

• Environment: 10 minutes drive from all Ubud attractions including ancient temples, festivals, numerous shops and restaurants for all tastes;

• Still affordable price, 5-10 times less than by the ocean, with equal demand and tourist attendance of Ubud;

• Gorgeous views of the rice fields and their availability for walking and cycling, for sports jogging and family walks along the canal embankment - this is a rarity in Bali;

• Convenient location next to the road leading north and south.

In 5-10 minutes from the villa there are:

- 2 largest supermarkets in Bali,

- international school "Green school"

- international school "Pelangi school",

- co-working "OUTPOST"

- yoga center Ubud Yoga centre,

- sport centre "Titi Batu"

- sports ground for bicycles Bali bike park

Соседние Виллы компании Magnitude

The site has a good neighborhood. This place has developed a "golden mile" of premium villas, which are rented from $ 250 per day. 

VILLA  300  M2

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 outdoor bathroom, open-air lounge area with kitchen 84 m2, internal garden 120 m2, infinity pool 70 m2,  green roof with lounge area 240 m2

land lease of 5 acres for 30 years: 

50 000$

The price includes rent for 30 years (with renewal priority for +25 years), mandatory payment to the head of the district and villagese 5%, notary, building permit.

cost of building 1 villa: 

270 000$

the price includes design, well, electricity supply, septic tank, finishing materials and furniture, entrance / road to the house, landscaping, swimming pool.

TOTAL  villa with land lease: 

320 000$

Investments copy.jpg


sale of the completed object at least 30% more expensive.

After completion of construction

your villa will cost  

450 000$

taking into account the lease of the plot for 30 years, renewable for another 25 years at inflation-adjusted market value rice at the time of renewal.

minimum net profit after tax (10%):

85 000$

or ROI=26,6% 

Вилла на Бали пассивный доход и прибыль от сдачи в аренду


If your goal is passive income, that is, the construction of a villa for rent, then our management company will rent your villa for daily or monthly rent and deal with a full range of management.

Management includes: concierge, cleaning, pool cleaning, internet, electricity, water, gas, garbage disposal, security, villa renovation, garden care, tax and utility payments, attracting and settling tenants.


Management cost: 36% of rental income.

300 M2

will be rented on average for


265 $ per day

At 80% load inUbud (292 days/year) with year-round season you will get

$265 x 292 days/year = 

77 500 $ per year

Subtract the cost of management - 36% of the rental income: 77 500 - 36% = 

49 600 $

TOTAL: you get  15,5% per annum



LOI signed by buyer and seller, Due Diligence report (7-14 days)

signing a contract for the construction of a villa


frame of the


roofing and wall filling, finishing works

interior, landscaping, connection to networks

signing the act of acceptance and transfer of the villa, and contract with the management company

december 2024

first payment escrowed to 



november 23

second payment  (40%)

november 23

third payment  (45%)

june 24

fifth payment  (5%)

december 24



If your goal is to build a villa for rent, then our management company BNB PROFITS will rent your villa for daily or monthly rent and deal with a full range of management.

The management includes: cleaning, pool cleaning, internet, electricity, water, gas, garbage disposal, security, villa renovation, garden maintenance, payment of taxes and utility bills, attracting and settling tenants.

In addition, the Management company will deal with accounting, paying taxes and transferring money to the owner.

The property is managed by BNB Profits with over 10 years of experience in Bali real estate.



Different approaches, new research and design methods.

We are a multidisciplinary team with 15 years of experience in property development, architectural design and construction, public space improvement, and real estate management. We give a 5 year warranty on the built objects. 

Our designers and builders are local companies with experience in working with Indonesian regulations, materials, conditions. At the time of 2023, more than 30 objects are being built in Bali.

Our management company is one of the best property management companies in Bali with over ten years of experience in real estate management. As of 2023, it manages more than 50 properties in Bali.


Safety copy.png

– All documents are legally verified by a notary (checking the certificate, zone parameters, company documents)

– All agreements for the landlease and buildings are signed by a notary in the name of the investor

– Building Permit (PBG)


Building Occupancy (SLF)

– Permission to rent out

real estate

– Providing the investor with regular information about the construction process



Our partners are: 

- Indonesian construction company Sari Sasih with more than 10 years experience,

- Indonesian property management company BNB Profits and Hombali,

- real estate company Whiton for the lease and sale of land and real estate,

- Indonesian companies-suppliers of building and finishing materials,

- Indonesian specialists in the field of engineering surveys, notary and legal services.

logo SariSasih_w.png








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