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Living area  150 m2

Open terrace with a Pool  95 m2

TOTAL building area  245 m2


Garden 45 m2

Roof garden with yoga deck  230 m2

Land 360 m2

Living area

2 master bedroom with ensuite bathrooms

1 bathroom with a skylight

1 guest bathroom

1 kitchen with integrated appliances, bar and garden view

1 combined dining and living room

1 Sunken sofa with pool view and skylight

Open terrace with a Pool

Infinity pool 55 m2

Pool deck lounge area


Outdoor kitchen with a dining table

Roof garden with yoga deck


1 car parking space

2 scooter parking spaces


Bathrooms with a garden view

Master bedroom with a pool view and access

Cost:  250 000 $

VILLA C_90.jpg

Villa C -  is a tropical escape and live in ADEM, created for the whole family with plenty of space to relax, recharge and connect in understated luxury.

Villa C is a modern private home located in a prestigious area of Ubud. The house is located in the jungle and has a view of the rice fields from the roof. The main idea is the merging of internal and external spaces into one spacious, peaceful space.

The house, set among lush vegetation, with a cantilevered roof, includes 2 en-suite bedrooms, high ceilings, an open fitted kitchen, dining and living areas, an infinity pool and a panoramic roof garden.

The house is planned on the site, taking into account the preservation of trees, natural light, and cross-ventilation.

The scenario of life in the villa assumes that each room has an extension to the internal garden, a relaxation area by the pool, through sliding window systems. This solution doubles the villa's footprint, blending interior and exterior in one integrated space filled with natural light and garden and pool views.


Skylight windows fill the living room space with natural light, creating soft contrasts of light and shadow that reflect throughout the home.Framed by the lush jungle, on the roof under the crowns of the trees, a yoga area is planned, a relaxation area overlooking the jungle rice fields.


The garden on the roof of the villa has a special place in her life scenario.The use of high-quality natural materials in construction and decoration, taking into account tropical features, is at the heart of the design of the villa, which makes it durable and comfortable.

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